Storm Hole

Storm Hole

Underground Storm Shelters are required for taking cover in the case of tornadoes, thunderstorms, or hurricanes.

Storm Hole!
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Storm Hole

Tornadoes are common in the USA in states such as Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Florida, and so on. Storm Hole underground shelters are common in the expanded Tornado Alley of the USA. They are as important as other of the parts of a house such as garage, kitchen, or bedrooms. Storm Holes are built at the new construction phase itself. They can be added at later stages as well.


A Storm Hole is built uing concrete, fiberglass, or steel structures. Ready made containers can be placed underground or you can built one according to your requirements. Underground storm shelters are popular as they are deep in the ground and are not easily damaged by the high winds during a tornado. Expert licensed contractors are required to install a Storm Hole on your property.


Storm Holes contain stairs, doors, latches, dead bolt, benches, shelves, and ventilation. Electrical outlets and sump pump can be added as required. Blankets, water proof vests, toiletries, water, non-persishable food, first-aid kits, medicines, clothes, and so on need to stored to be used in emergencies. A Storm Hole need to be registered with the city with a GPS unit that will let them track you during tornadoes.

Storm Hole Advantages

Storm Hole has numerous advantages such as having an emergency shelter right in your property. You need not travel to another place for taking shelter during tornadoes and high winds. The cost to install and maintain a Storm Hole are nominal when compared to the benefits they can offer. You can accomodate your family and pets in the Storm Hole to take cover.

All the Storm Holes are tested for impact resistance, high wind resistance, and floodproof requirements. They can be helpful when frequent storms are occuring in your area. When not in use, the Storm Holes can be used to store other non perishable items. Itis essential to keep the Storm Holes clutter free. The door must be tested for opening and closing. Having mock drills helps to get in side the Storm Hole when everybody else is panicking.

Solar lights and rechargeable batteries are a good storage. Storm Holes are built within the property and must not obstruct the water lines, power lines, sewage, and other structures. They must have electrical wiring in them. Fans and space heaters might help the occupants. Storm Holes must be free of moisture and pests. Storm Hole benefit property owners to protect from high winds and flying objects during severe weathers. Storm Holes are built according to the hazard mitigation standards and are qualified for rebates from FEMA.

If the Storm Hole is built inside the property such as garage or a spare room, you need not exit the property to take cover. Seniors and young children can be easily moved in to the Storm Holes. In-house Storm Holes are less susceptible to trespassers and critters.

Storm Hole Disadvantages

Underground Storm Holes are not helpful for senior citizens and disabled people. The stairs and lack of accessibility make the Storm Holes dangerous for elder people in the family. Children find the underground storm shelters scary. The Storm Holes are prone to moisture which makes them hazardous. The doors and latches of the Storm Hole are prone to be blown away. The flying objects make the Storm Hole a dangerous place.

If a Storm Hole is not properly maintained, they can become algae prone areas. Pests and other rodents can make the Storm Holes unliveable. If a Storm Hole door is blocked, the resuing of people becomes difficult. The entrapment of people must be solved by removing the door itself. Property owners must install equipment so they can remove the door if needed.


Storm Holes are built underground are highly susceptible to construction failures due to the stress of the ground. The soil may become loose or frozen during winters. This will cause pressure on the structures and make them crack or break. Underground storm shelters also become water logged due to the spaces around them. Eventually, the container will be flooded making it useless. The containers may be susceptible to rotting, algae, cracking based on the material used. Proper installation is key for long lasting Storm Holes.

If a Storm Hole is built inside the property, resuing becomes difficult as the rubbles from the collapsed house must be removed before you can be rescued. The weight of the house make it impossible to get to the Storm Hole door. If it is not installed properly, a in house Storm Hole may cause damages to other parts of the house as well.

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